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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  October 31, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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and stick around because of sandy. it is cold out there, the remnants keeping ask overcast today. temperatures are cooler. the cooler temperature trend is expected for today and tomorrow at much of the 7 day forecast. our other concern is that river flooding continues. the latest forecast for the reverse getting back down probably will not be four days. checking out super doppler picking up a couple sprinkles out there. call pepper and hagerstown -- send me a tweet and let me know if some cool air or even snow is mixing in. it is chilly here in the district. reagan national, 43 degrees. we will stay in the low 50's and cloudy through much of the day. more with your seven-day forecast coming up in a bit. >> thanks so much.
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starting with the latest headlines in the aftermath of sandy. president obama is heading to new jersey to review storm damage. >> new jersey governor chris christie -- he says he will talk to the president about getting the army corps of engineers to determine how to better protect the beaches. in new york, the stock exchange will reopen after being shut down for two days because of sandy. parts of the big apple are still underwater, with millions of people that power. thousands of power outages in our region -- let's give the latest numbers. >> virginia power has more than 22,000 outages. pepco is reporting more than 15 00 that power. bge has more than 30,000 in the dark. most are in anne arundel county. >> strong clean-up continues as students return to school this morning. >> we are waiting to learn of some schools will reopen because the power outages and other weather issues. keep an eye on all of the delays
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and closures on your screen. brianne carter is live at landover. she joins us with the latest. >> good morning. prince george's county -- they were not in a bad area because the power barges, but they are still waiting to find out whether to schools will reopen. we are here -- you can see the lights are on. that is a good sign. hopefully that means they'll be able to return to class today. there are still to schools and another that will be questionable. we expect we will hear from officials with prince george's county school as to whether or not this school and indian queen elementary school will be back open today. the latest update came at 1:00 this morning from school officials -- is that schools and offices will be open by a decision on the schools remains to be seen. they will give us an update by 5:00 this morning. power crews have been working a
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crop -- around the clock to get everybody back on line as quickly as possible, including this goal and the other that remains of that power. we are awaiting word as to whether or not the students will be heading back here today. we are expecting to get an update -- officials say at 5:00 this morning. brianne carter abc 7 news. >> thank you so much. a few days to four air traffic is back to normal following hurricane sandy. >> this is the tarmac at the or the airport -- it looked like a lake but that is where planes to be sitting. >> this is from staten island. it shows the power of the storm surge from sandy. this is a 174, 1,000 ton tanker. it washed into a roadway.
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it has been more roughly a while -- mile away now. nobody was hurt, but luckily gary >> more examples of the power of the storm. race officials are weighing which races to schedule or a limit. the number is in question -- 26.2 mile route goes through each of the outer boroughs and mostly avoids the area hit hardest by the flooding. half of the runners usually take the staten island ferry to get to the starting line. it may resume service, but some areas may not be operating. still o to get that event under way. >> it will take a while to get everything back to normal. we are looking at 41 degrees. >> we will take a look
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exit we are keeping an eye on all town alexandria, where the water was rising yesterday. >> john gonzalez joins us live with an update -- some flooding at this point? >> the good news this year -- morning in old town is that floodwaters have receded. the bad news is the potomac river is a block away the river is two to 3 feet higher. high tide is coming this morning, which is why many of
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the roads were closed. ucb caution tape and the barriers. -- you see the caution tape and barriers. this came as quite a surprise yesterday. high tide was around 9:00 in the evening. the entire area, low-lying streets were under two to 3 feet of water. some folks said they came down to dinner at the restaurants here and everything seemed fine but when they left the restaurant everything was under water and many businesses were caught off guard. during the height of the strong, nothing happened. it seemed like the area would be scared a serious weather. these are low-lying areas prone to flooding in the old town alexandria, underwater several times over the past few years.
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county officials are very concerned about the latest -- if the wind blows in a certain direction, this area will be under water in no time. we are told flooding took place in a matter of minutes last evening. john gonzales, abc 7 news. >> in places like west virginia, trick or treating could be tough. but they made the most of it, having fun with this. would you trade halloween for getting a chance to -- trade in the snow? >> that is a tough call. >> they have the full season ahead of them -- more opportunities for snow. halloween only comes once. could be delayed for a date? >> they did that last year -- in boston. >> they said they are willing to do that in new jersey. they might reschedule.
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>> that is a good idea. it is good to play it safe and make sure everything. no problems for you guys -- it will be cloudy and a little cool. if you have a thin cost him -- costume, you will want to wear something underneath it. it is going to be chilly. the remnants of the sandy swirling around. taken out, it has weekend. the rainfall and snowfall is less widespread. it is slowly petering out and will be coming up to the north into ontario later on today. in parts of upstate new york right now. a couple of sprinkles to our west. check out culpeper county, nothing on the observation. if you live in culpeper or for bakir county, are you getting
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sprinkles? send me a tweet and let me know. we have flood warnings in the fact across much of the metro area, smaller rivers, creeks, and streams. some are cresting by tonight. by the end of the week we will be in better shape and will check in with adam caskey in a little bit for more on river conditions. take a look at rainfall totals. the highest one i could find was reedville virginia. la plata about 8 inches. in washington d.c. we had 5 inches. it is 43 degrees this morning. still a pretty modest. when about 5 miles per hour. lots of 30-degree readings.
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39 in winchester -- 37 degrees at this hour. here is your forecast. they are not giving up their candy tonight. mostly cloudy, chilly, temperatures in the mid 40's. sunset -- you should be able to get in dinner quickly before you had out there. sunset is 6:08 p.m. >> such great news -- marc trains metro virginia rail express are running on a normal schedule. marc rains may see some delay -- you might want to check that before you go out. a stretch of sligo creek parkway, little falls parkway kensington parkway at beach drive is closed as well.
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interstates are doing great. 95 from stafford,3 395, no troubles. repairs continue on the board -- georgetown pike at old dominion drive. light volume not causing too much of a backup. a belt the crash in the inner loop has been cleared. debris cleanup continues at 108 in the sandy spring area. one more thing -- new jersey avenue at r st., water main repair, it is shut down. >> thank you so much. amtrak is still working to remove water from tunnels in new york city. trains will not be going there for the time being. starting today trains will run between lynchburg, richmond, and newport news. there will be service between d.c. and new orleans and d.c. and miami.
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trains between d.c. and chicago are canceled. trains between d.c. and st. albans, vermont. >> airports are starting to resume after the hurricane. dulles weather the storm without any damage. more flights are expected to resume today. passengers are urged to check their flight status before leaving for the airport. gas prices have been coming down. >> hurricane sandy might send them up. the impact and gas prices will be determined by how much damage refineries sustained. meantime, triple a says the national average is $3.63 -- $3.53 a gallon. the average price is $3.39 in virginia. >> families in their north laurel home have carbon monoxide poisoning. they found a generator running inside the home where three
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residents were overcome by fumes. their rush to the hospital. one is still in serious condition this morning. the amount of carbon monoxide was more than 30 times the normal level. >> an alexandria man says he is fortunate after hurricane sandy severely damaged his home. he showed us damaged left behind after a tree crashed into his bedroom. he was fixing dinner when the power went out so he decided to finish talking. that is when the massive tree came down. >> i have seen it -- this was my time. >> a great way to look at it. he just had heart bypass surgery. now he faces a half the repair bill but his neighbor was a lot luckier. one of their trees came crashing down but did not hit their house. >> it is a game of inches. good news this morning --
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>> some good news to look forward to. washington nationals first baseman, he won the national league golden glove award for first baseman. the news hit late last night. he had a career high 33 home runs this season, 100 runs batted in. help them to the national league's eastern division title. in 2009 zimmerman 18 gold glove award. our partners at wtop, of their reporters interviewed him in october and said, you are doing well, do you think you could win a gold glove? he answered, that is voted on by the players. if any of that does happen it is really cool. the players did vote him for that award. congratulations to adam laroche. i am sure he is waking up very
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excited and looking forward to next year. >> congratulations to him. >> well done. >> still ahead, a local parents taking their children it or treating --
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anncr: every president inherits challenges. few have faced so many. four years later... our enemies have been brought to justice. our heroes are coming home. assembly lines are humming again. ththere are still challenges to meet. children to educate. a middle class to o rebuild. but the last thing we should do is turn back now. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve e this message.
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>> top stories -- president obama is traveling to new jersey today to take a look at this. he wants to assess the damage left behind by superstores sandy. carvel wind, a motion surged knocked oceanfront homes write off their foundations. homes and streets in many parts of the state were flooded. new york city is struggling to return to normal. thousands of homes and businesses are still without power this morning. traffic tunnels us up --
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flooded. it could be several days before they are reopened. dozens of hummer -- dozens of homes were destroyed when a fire ravaged neighborhood in queens. governor martin o'malley says people who want to cast ballots early will have more time to do so. early voting hours will be extended from 8:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. through friday. 7 is on your side with a warning about dangers halloween costumes. >> after a seizure of costumes in seattle for lead contamination, abc 7 launch date investigation. we bought costumes and took into a lab. several went back with levels of lead. one we bought in falls church had 67% lead content, nearly 60 times the legal limit. >> that is a substantial amount of lead. >> it is associated with
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seizures and neurological damage. keep an eye on decorative lenses. the fda says not only are they potentially harmful, it is illegal to sell them without a prescription. we still found a number of stores selling them. be careful out there. 40 degrees here in the nation's capital. >> up next joining us with updates on the and wednesday morning commute.
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>> good morning everyone. i am meteorologist jacqui jeras with the latest on the remnants of sandy. it is an open track of low pressure. it is weakening very significantly. that is the good news. widespread moisture, not nearly as much as we have seen in the last couple of days. you can see the snow is still coming down in west virginia. we have a couple of sprinkles in our western counties. do not be surprised if d.c. snow flakes mixed in. it is a cool start this morning. some showers are around copper and moving into fauquier county. it is chilly this morning. wind to the south at 5 miles an hour. some snowfall totals -- the highest we could found from
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redhouse, maryland,. 29 inches. frostburg came in with 6 inches. totals are the last two days. it will be cloudy and cool today. sprinkles off to the west, but today will be dry and cloudy. 52 to 56 degrees. take a look it the 7 day forecast -- well below average. temperature is about 10 degrees below normal. this weekend, we get more sunshine and we all get an extra hour of sleep. >> thank you. clean-up continues around the area but for the interstate, the broadway looks great. nothing between baltimore and the ball away on maryland 95.
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a minor incident that quickly went to the shoulder. this is maryland 50 -- cars are approaching the beltway. a deere was struck. with the light volume, not much of a backup. the interlude, near 450 annapolis road. cnet continues at new hampshire avenue 108 -- cleanup continues at new hampshire continuesat108. georgetown pike is closed at old dominion drive. back to you. >> straight ahead, our -- special coverage of sandy's aftermath. the power outage numbers.
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